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Automatic Slack Adjusters

There is a new name in the world of heavy duty automatic brake adjusters... Webb. Now offering a complete line of automatic slack adjusters utilizing the proven clearance sensing design and self-setting adjusters featuring a patent protected design, Webb Brake Adjusters delivers world class quality and service you can count on. The Webb family of premium, automatic slack adjusters are available in a wide range of models to address line haul tractor and trailer, severe duty, transit and motor coach applications for both the OEM and aftermarket.

Heavy Duty • High Reliability

Webb premium brake adjusters incorporate the proven clearance sensing design that continuously and automatically adjusts to compensate for both lining and drum wear. Webb adjusters feature a unique clutch and worm wheel design that provides the finest adjustment in the industry, thereby optimizing braking performance and component life.

All Webb brake adjusters are built to deliver reliable operation under even the most demanding conditions. These adjusters have a strengthened housing to reduce wear and corrosion, a worm shaft that receives extensive processing for increased fatigue strength, and dependable O-rings and gaskets to keep out moisture and contaminants for a longer service life.

Webb ASA & S-ASA Features

  • Premium brake adjusters for OEM and aftermarket
  • 5.5", 6", 6.5" and 7" arm length in straight or offset styles
  • 10, 24, 28 and 37 spline configurations
  • Proven clearance sensing design outperforms stroke sensing adjusters
  • Extra fine adjustment for optimized lining and drum wear
  • Easy to install, no templates required
  • Industry leading warranty, up to 7 year, 1 million miles
  • Extensive life cycle testing, easily passing SAE J1462
  • TS16949 and ISO14001certified factory
  • State-of-the-art no fault forward assembly process
  • Models for line haul tractor and trailer, severe duty, transit and motor coach applications

Automatic Slack Adjuster


Self-Setting Automatic Slack Adjuster

Extensive Testing - Proven Results

Webb brake adjusters are manufactured to the highest quality standar`ds in a TS16949 certified factory. To ensure performance and life, extensive metallurgical testing is conducted ranging from chemical and physical tests on incoming raw materials and components, to stress analysis of the adjuster body. Webb adjusters far exceed the requirements of SAE J1462 and undergo extensive in-house testing to ensure the longest possible duty cycle. With millions of slack adjusters sold globally over the past 15 years, Webb adjusters are a proven solution for both OEM and replacement markets. Webb brake adjusters are backed with up to a 7 year, 1 million mile warranty.